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Where does Campo Grande source their products from?

We source from a dedicated handful of artisans honoring Spain’s culinary heritage. Our producers are independent family farms, EU-certified fishing fleets, and equitable co-ops, all of which are committed to land and ocean health with a proven track

What are the nutritional facts for your meats?

You can find nutritional information on our website here!

How long are your cattle aged?

All of our cattle are verified to be aged anywhere from 5 to 12 years. This age is determined by the dentition and lot numbers. Aged meats usually have a stronger aroma compared to younger aged beef. The majority of Spain-sourced Vaca Vieja is grain-

Where are your pigs raised and butchered?

The Iberian pigs are both raised and butchered in Spain, respectively by humane family-owned farms and Spanish artisans.

Can I purchase individual cuts?

You can purchase your preferred individual cuts with our A La Carte box here! (minimum order is $150)

Do you sell pork butt?

Check out our Coppa (top half of the collar) and Presa (bottom half of the collar — similar to Denver Steak Beef)! In Spain, the collar is broken down into these two halves. We don't currently offer the whole collar.For more information on these cuts

How much salt is in the meat?

These whole muscle cuts have only one ingredient, heirloom Ibérico pork meat! Due to our sustainability standards, there are no additives or preservatives added.

Do you sell grass-fed beef?

Yes! Our limited-release Vaca Vieja beef is 100% grass-fed and grass-finished. All that beta-carotene in the cows’ diet is what gives our steaks their signature deep yellow marbling.

Is Campo Grande seafood wild-caught?

All Campo Grande seafood is sourced from wild and semi-wild fisheries including Spain’s Doñana National Park. Zero trawling or FADs used in capture ensures that our fish and shellfish are 100% bycatch-free.

Do you sell Heritage Pork?

Yes! Ibérico is a rustic ancient European breed that originated in the wild oak groves of southern Spain. Unlike other heritage breeds, Ibérico is exceptional at storing healthy unsaturated fat in its muscles, which makes the meat so marbled some

What’s the Vaca Vieja?

Vaca Vieja is a mixed European breed of cattle raised in Australia for meat. American Vaca Vieja is typically a retired dairy cow, while ours is not. Our Vaca Vieja cattle are raised intently for meat as is done traditionally in Spain. The main diffe

Why is the Vaca Vieja a special meat?

The meat from the Vaca Vieja box is sourced from 100% grass-fed, matured cattle that live up to 12 years of age. This meat is wet aged — making it an absolute flavor bomb! “It tastes like you rubbed bouillon all over a steak,” said one chef. Being th

Which is the most tender cut?

Presa and Pluma are our most tender cuts.

What is the time between harvest and shipping?

Our Vaca Vieja is raised and harvested on the island of Tasmania and shipped immediately. Our direct to consumer supply chain allows us to skip multiple steps in the distribution process to speed things up.

Is your iberico pork box Iberico bellota or is it Campo/different grade?

Our current Ibérico box comes from Ibérico pigs from Spain. Acorns are a seasonal fruit, which makes 100% acorn-fed pigs a seasonal item since they consume it exclusively during the fruit-bearing season of acorns. This is strictly regulated by the Sp

Does your meat come from the black hock pigs (pata negra)? Are they acorn fed or grain fed pigs?

The Iberico pork is sourced from the black hoof Pata Negra pigs in Spain. They are free-range pigs in which their diet hinges on nuts, grasses, and is supplemented with whole cereal grain to avoid corn feed.