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Where can I find all of your recipes and cooking tips?

For cooking tips, tricks, recipes and all-around epic culinary inspo, check out:. We’re sure you’ll find more than enough inspiration to get started creating gourmet meals right in your own kitchen!.

Do you have any recommendations on best cooking methods for the presa versus the pluma?

Pluma is thinner so it's easier to high heat sear, while the Presa is thicker so we recommend reverse sear and finishing in the oven. Similar to a roast, but go for medium rare if you can! For more detailed information check out our guides linked bel

How do I thaw my order?

To properly thaw meat orders, we suggest submerging your vacuum-sealed meat in cold water and then changing the water each time it starts to feel warm. It's important to not use warm water or leave the meat at room temperature longer than 2 hours. To

How long does the Shoulder Ham stay good for and how do I store it?

The Shoulder Ham is dry-cured, making it shelf stable! After being delivered straight to your door, the shoulder ham is good for a few months in the refrigerator or room temp unopened. If properly maintained during slicing sessions, the product shoul

How do I store the charcuterie?

The charcuterie is fine in cool, room temperature and only needs to be refrigerated after opening.

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